“Unexplained Infertility”

“Unexplained infertility” is the current catch-all term for the reason you are not #conceiving (once medical diagnoses have been ruled out). It’s an #epidemic growing every day, both in the US and in various parts of the world. As a personal piece of information for any couple trying to #conceive a #baby, it is a tough message with which to grapple.
Where to start, what to do, how to address this seemingly broad, amorphous “condition”? Stress and worry jump to all time high levels as couples examine themselves, each other, and struggle to come to terms with the “good news”. No #diagnosed #physiological problem is preventing #pregnancy. Great!! Then why has it not happened??
This is the essence of #AstaNaturals Fertility’s mission:  to support #healthy, #natural conception. Reducing #anxiety and #boosting overall #health often take place as a result of an entire cascade of events for both partners. Being robustly #healthy, well-rested, and as #stress free as possible are vital factors.
For most people trying to #conceive, these are simple but not easy goals to attain. Frustration, lack of success #conceiving, and all the triggered #stresses and #anxieties add to the overall #challenge. #Stress causes #cortisol production which blocks #conception!!
#Natural #wellness is supported by good #nutrition. #AstaNaturals Fertility’s all #natural #supplements are formulated especially for each partner. #AstaNaturals Fertility #Male #Fertility contains an ingredient #patented to increase #sperm #production and #motility. #AstaNaturals Fertility #Female #Reproductive Support is due out soon.
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“HypnoFertility and AstaNaturals fertility”

Perhaps you’ve received this difficult diagnosis. If so, your possibilities for having a #baby are still very good, assuming you take supportive action. One of the very most effective routes to pursue is lifestyle changes that increase your #relaxation and excellent #stress #management. In addition to many available choices, HypnoFertility stands out.

A program created by Lynsi Eastburn, the author of “It’s Conceivable!”, this approach is unique and results are impressive. With a thorough, consistent approach, the mind is engaged to support the process of healthy conception, pregnancy, and birth. Visit www.ZHypnotherapy.com and learn more.


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Understanding Natural Fertility

Conceiving a healthy baby, having a healthy pregnancy, and giving birth are not random occurrences. Rather, all these function as a result of parents’ overall wellness and health choices. Because we have reduced childbearing to a medical event, much wisdom of generations and cultures is lost. Naturally, our bodies know how to do this most innate function of being human – procreating! However, many factors have influenced the current state of this phenomenon, which now usually takes place in a hospital (you know, that place you want to avoid at all costs if you want to be healthy).
Decline of overall wellness and increase of lifestyle/civilization diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancers, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, etc.) combined with environmental degradation have created havoc for our reproductive systems. Fertility takes a big hit in our current lifestyles, with it now being estimated that nearly 50% of couples trying to conceive have problems (both male and female factors).
Although we cannot undo all external sources of degradation of natural fertility, we do still have significant control and individual choices regarding our own health. This is where an in-depth understanding of natural fertility can truly benefit those wishing to conceive in a healthy way.
Rather than succumbing to being steered into the queue for IVF and other toxic and costly procedures, take some time to understand natural fertility. Through diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and awareness of fertility enhancing options (www.AstaNaturalsFertility.com), both males and females can significantly boost natural fertility. The side effects of this approach are wonderfully life-enhancing, rather than harmful. A cascade results, starting a new life based on healthy choices and robust wellness.
Take time to make informed choices regarding conception and fertility. Pass on good health. It’s priceless!

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Are You Healthy Enough to Conceive?

A recent wellness newsletter I read says “It’s all about lifestyle”. That is also true of fertility. All your choices in how you live, from food to recreation to sleep habits, all combine and provide the conglomeration of factors that determine your fertility. We are all exposed to a barrage of chemicals and pollutants in our environment, whether we choose it or not.  We also have many, many opportunities to either enhance or detract from our overall health and wellness.

Over the last 9 months I have been immersed in researching both the causes for infertility and the range of options for increasing fertility. It all points to one consistent factor: overall health of the prospective parents is key. The father’s health is verging on being as important as the mother’s (current statistics indicate 40 to 50% of the time it is the “male” factor that is causing a couple’s infertility!).

Although mainstream medicine would have you believe a very healthy and fit 35 year old woman should get in the queue for IVF, there are many options that actually support health and lifelong wellness that are also supportive of healthy conception. Examining your lifestyle for optimum wellness and making changes and enhancements is a smart start to a lifelong wellness path that includes natural fertility.

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Natural Male Fertility Supplement

Enhancing your fertility naturally is important and is a part of a complete healthy lifestyle. While much of the emphasis is on future moms, the male fertility factor is now getting needed attention. We now know that the dad’s health is a significant component to the conception process.

In addition to the tips in “8 Steps for Male Fertility Enhancement” in an earlier post, natural supplementation is a viable and health supporting addition for any male with an interest in increased fertility. Our product, AstaNaturals Fertility, is an excellent choice. The main ingredient is patented to increase sperm motility and production. These two factors are critical for healthy conception. The supplement has many additional health enhancing properties, and is quite well known as a powerful anti-oxidant.

The features of this supplement make it a ‘must have’ in the regimen of a man with an interest in natural health and wellness as part of his male fertility.

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8 Steps for Men’s Fertility Enhancement

Trying to increase your fertility? Start by following these simple suggestions.

  • Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption to minimum.
  • Eliminate as many pharmaceuticals and over the counter remedies as possible (with your doctor’s approval).
  • Cut out unhealthy processed foods, and improve your diet by consuming protein rich foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid too much heat (from hot-tubs, saunas, tight clothing).
  • Exercise regularly. Avoid exercises that may stress the testicles. Improving your overall health also reduces stress in your life, which is harmful for sperm production.
  • Ejaculate less often, allowing sperm to accumulate. By increasing the period of time between ejaculations you will also increase sperm volume and count.
  • Consider taking AstaNaturals Fertility, a supplement with ingredients patented for increasing sperm motility and volume.
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Fertility Integrity

Lifestyle choices that increase fertility take place over time. Over 40% of infertility is due to a male factor. Problems with sperm or its delivery result in decreased male fertility. The biggest factors are low sperm count and poor quality sperm.

Lifestyle, health habits, and stress levels are all contributing factors. Your choices for good nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise can all help to protect your reproductive health. Be proactive and increase your fertility integrity.

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Optimizing Your Fertility

Wherever you fall on the fertility continuum, it’s to your distinct advantage to be as informed as possible about the many options available. Choosing what’s best for you and the timing of those choices can play a significant role in your success conceiving. Whether you are newly embarking on the path of becoming parents, or have already ‘tried’ and found it more challenging than you ever imagined, there is value to optimizing your fertility.

As you navigate through the choices with your partner, take steps as early as possible to enhance your health and wellness. If you are one of the 7.3 million people in America struggling with infertility, the many highs and lows throughout your journey provide challenges that require stamina and resources. Perhaps at times you’ve felt alone. We want to help you get the results you desire in the best way possible.

We offer a completely natural supplement that has many beneficial side effects (powerful anti-oxidant, internal sunscreen, anti-inflammatory). This supplement is also patented to increase sperm motility and production! Give yourselves this added advantage that can only increase your overall health.

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