Understanding Natural Fertility

Conceiving a healthy baby, having a healthy pregnancy, and giving birth are not random occurrences. Rather, all these function as a result of parents’ overall wellness and health choices. Because we have reduced childbearing to a medical event, much wisdom of generations and cultures is lost. Naturally, our bodies know how to do this most innate function of being human – procreating! However, many factors have influenced the current state of this phenomenon, which now usually takes place in a hospital (you know, that place you want to avoid at all costs if you want to be healthy).
Decline of overall wellness and increase of lifestyle/civilization diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancers, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, etc.) combined with environmental degradation have created havoc for our reproductive systems. Fertility takes a big hit in our current lifestyles, with it now being estimated that nearly 50% of couples trying to conceive have problems (both male and female factors).
Although we cannot undo all external sources of degradation of natural fertility, we do still have significant control and individual choices regarding our own health. This is where an in-depth understanding of natural fertility can truly benefit those wishing to conceive in a healthy way.
Rather than succumbing to being steered into the queue for IVF and other toxic and costly procedures, take some time to understand natural fertility. Through diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and awareness of fertility enhancing options (www.AstaNaturalsFertility.com), both males and females can significantly boost natural fertility. The side effects of this approach are wonderfully life-enhancing, rather than harmful. A cascade results, starting a new life based on healthy choices and robust wellness.
Take time to make informed choices regarding conception and fertility. Pass on good health. It’s priceless!

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