Are You Healthy Enough to Conceive?

A recent wellness newsletter I read says “It’s all about lifestyle”.¬†That is also true of fertility. All your choices in how you live, from food to recreation to sleep habits, all combine and provide the conglomeration of factors that determine your fertility. We are all exposed to a barrage of chemicals and pollutants in our environment, whether we choose it or not.¬† We also have many, many opportunities to either enhance or detract from our overall health and wellness.

Over the last 9 months I have been immersed in researching both the causes for infertility and the range of options for increasing fertility. It all points to one consistent factor: overall health of the prospective parents is key. The father’s health is verging on being as important as the mother’s (current statistics indicate 40 to 50% of the time it is the “male” factor that is causing a couple’s infertility!).

Although mainstream medicine would have you believe a very healthy and fit 35 year old woman should get in the queue for IVF, there are many options that actually support health and lifelong wellness that are also supportive of healthy conception. Examining your lifestyle for optimum wellness and making changes and enhancements is a smart start to a lifelong wellness path that includes natural fertility.

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