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“Unexplained Infertility”

“Unexplained infertility” is the current catch-all term for the reason you are not #conceiving (once medical diagnoses have been ruled out). It’s...

“HypnoFertility and AstaNaturals fertility”

Perhaps you’ve received this difficult diagnosis. If so, your possibilities for having a #baby are still very good, assuming you take supportive...

Understanding Natural Fertility

Conceiving a healthy baby, having a healthy pregnancy, and giving birth are not random occurrences. Rather, all these function as a result...

Are You Healthy Enough to Conceive?

A recent wellness newsletter I read says “It’s all about lifestyle”.┬áThat is also true of fertility. All your choices in how you...

AstaNaturals Fertility Supplement Facts

AstaNaturals® Fertility is a natural supplement containing all natural astaxanthin and tocotrienols (vitamin E homologue derived from palm oil).

A growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that natural astaxanthin surpasses many of the antioxidant benefits of the most popular antioxidant vitamins. New studies also show that tocotrienols are the most important elements in the antioxidant protection supplied by vitamin E. In addition to these health enhancing properties, the key component in AstaNaturals Fertility, astaxanthin, is patented to increase sperm motility & production.

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Supplement facts for all-natural male fertility supplement AstaNaturals Fertility

Astaxanthin is patented to increase sperm motility and production (US Patent #6,410,602 – Astaxanthin improves production and quality of semen).

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As an adjunct to overall health during healthy conception, taking 2 capsules with food once a day is recommended.